Word processor pioneer Evelyn Berezin dies aged 93


The girl who created and marketed what many acknowledge as the world’s first term processer has passed away older 93.

Evelyn Berezin known as the device the Information Assistant when, in 1971, her organization Redactron released the product.

She increased Redactron from nine workers to close to 500 and was known as one of the US’s top management by BusinessWeek journal in the season she marketed it, 1976.

She had previously built one of the very first computerised air travel booking systems.

The advancement – which printed customers and available chairs – was examined by U. s. Airways in 1962.

According to the Pc Record Art gallery, it had a one-second reaction efforts and worked well for 11 decades without any main program problems.

The technology vied with the competing Sabre program, developed by United states Airways, for being the first of its kind.

In addition, Ms Berezin assisted innovator other types of special-purpose handling including:

an computerized financial system
a weapons-targeting finance calculator for the US Protection Department
terminals for a horse-racing track that supervised how much money was being bet on each animal
Screenless editing
In an meeting in 2015, Ms Berezin described that she had made a decision to set up her own company in the mid-60s after coming to the final outcome that her leads were restricted so long as she was employed by someone else.

She said that she had originally considered creating an electronic check out but eventually made a decision to create what would become known as a term processer instead.

She said: “6% of all the people in the U. s. Declares who worked well were assistants.

“At plenty of your energy we started, which was in 1968 to 1969, nobody really had any desk-type computer systems on which you could write a word-processing program that an assistant would use.

“I know that personal computer systems seem apparent now but it was not so then.”

At plenty of your energy, the closest comparative was a product by IBM known as the MT/ST – a typewriter with attractive record documenting and play-back features.

IBM’s marketing known to a “word processor”, but the device trusted pass on changes rather than computer snacks, had been focused at army devices creators rather than the broader company market, and in Ms Berezin’s mind was “klutzy”.

“We were dedicated to building the computer to run the body and we realized that we had to use incorporated tour because it was the only way we could make it small enough and cheap enough and efficient enough to promote,” Ms Berezin said.

Her device – which was standing about 1m (3ft 3in) high – presented a key-board, cassette pushes, control electronic devices and a printing device.

It could record and play what the user had entered, and will be modified or published.

The unique design was missing a observe, and soon experienced competitors from a competing, the Lexitron, which did.

But later editions of the Information Assistant did include a screen.Sparks and water
The project nearly led to catastrophe.

Ms Berezin had designed to buy the processor chips needed from Apple, which had gone into company in 1968. But it said it was too active working with purchases for its storage snacks.

The solution was that Redactron had to design some of the snacks needed itself and provide the schematics to two producers.

There were further problems with one when it was put presented in a New You are able to resort for journalists to see.

The issue was that in dry weather, it was vulnerable to a build-up of fixed power, which triggered initiates to fly between its tour, avoiding it from operating.

“To our scary it was a dry day and the technicians were establishing this non-working device up for our big tale,” Ms Berezin said.

“Ed Hair [our head of technological advancement brought] a full container h2o and without a term to anyone brings the container h2o over the whole dense rug in the room.

“The h2o wrecked into the rug, which remained wet for three or four hours, and the device worked well completely.”The first manufacturing device was sent to a customer in Sept 1971. And over the following season, Redactron marketed or leased more than 770 others, not such as trial models.

Over the following decades, demand increased but the organization’s financial situation came under stress, in part because of high interest levels and an economic depression that intended customers wished to lease rather than buy its products.

“We informed by the bank to promote the organization and they had somebody they realized who was interested,” said Ms Berezin.

“At plenty of your energy, I was troubled about it.”

She went to work for the buyer, the company equipment-maker Burroughs Organization. But it turned out to be an ill coordinate.

“I was not one of them – I said what I thought – a noisy lady they did not know how to deal with,” she said.

“So, they turned off and so did I.”

Ms Berezin left the organization around 1980, after which she became associated with investment capital and sat on other companies’ forums before becoming associated with Stony Creek School.

The New You are able to Times revealed that a nephew had verified she had passed away on 8 Dec in New york after switching down treatment for cancer.

One of the rest of the Information Assistant term processor chips can be seen presented at the Pc Record Art gallery in Florida.


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