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WinZip 11 is the most trustworthy way to operate with compacted information. No other pressure utility is as easy-to-use or offers the comprehensive and productivity-enhancing approach that has made WinZip the defacto standard for file-compression tools.

You can quickly and safely zip and unzip information to store storage space, speed up e-mail transmitting, and reduce download times. State-of-the-art computer file pressure, strong AES security, interface with more pressure types, and new user-friendly photo pressure, make WinZip the complete pressure and preserving solution.

Building on the favorite functions of a globally base of several million customers, WinZip 11 adds new functions for image pressure and management, assistance for new pressure methods, improved pressure performance, assistance for additional database types, and more. Users can speed up, wiser, and more secure.

Pressure Enhancements
Both Conventional and Pro include features that produce WinZip 11.0 handier than ever before. Now you can:

Allow WinZip to Choose “Best Compression” Automatically
Make the most of the enhanced compression techniques presented with WinZip 10.0 by allowing WinZip decide for you.

Starting with WinZip 10.0, WinZip facilitates two additional and more highly effective compression techniques within the Zip information file format; PPMd and bzip2. Although this made the product more highly effective, customer reviews indicates that choosing appropriate compression technique can be overwhelming. Now WinZip can instantly decide which compression strategy to use for each information file you add to your Zip information file, to develop the actual Zip information file possible, assisting you to to save both information transmitting time and useful hard drive space.

extracting information files compacted with PPMd or bzip2 needs a suitable Zip information file program. Currently WinZip 9.0 or more recent will process Zip information files compacted using the bzip2 technique. WinZip 10.0 or more recent is required to open PPMd-compressed information files.

Zip .wav Songs Files
When you choose our Best Pressure Method, we use a new compression criteria for lossless compression of .wav information files. A must-have for music fans who don’t want to bargain the information file reliability or audio quality.

.BZ2 and .RAR File Support (Extract Only)
Extract from .BZ2 and .RAR information files without starting another program.

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