PTA Blocking mobile phones Unregistered IMEI Number after Oct 20


Pta Blocking Mobile Phones

PTA Blocking mobile phones For Check IMEI Number

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PTA Blocking mobile phones Unregistered IMEI Number after Oct 20

In an attempt to control unlawful transfer of cellular mobile phones, Pakistan Telecom Power (PTA) has started to deliver information through Short Texting Service (SMS) to all cellular members to create attention about Program Recognition, Signing up and Preventing Program (DIRBS).

Any cell cellphone that shows non-compliant position after Oct 20 would be obstructed in compliance to PTI/DIRBS rules.

PTA Blocking mobile phones the help of genuine device importers and cell cellphone customers and improve overall protection situation.

As per the information released, the telecommunications customers can confirm the position of their cellphone by delivering Worldwide Mobile Equipment Recognition (IMEI) number via SMS to 8484 or on website. The position can also be confirmed by or by installing DIRBS Android operating system cellular application from Google Play Store. The final stage of DIRBS shall begin on Oct 20, 2018.

A mature PTA formal said that unlawful and unregistered cellular gadgets are a risk to community protection. Operate added that terrorists and scammers cannot be tracked who use these cell mobile phones for any risky action throughout the country.

In most of the cases, it had been noticed that cellular gadgets, usually without any identity are used in criminal actions.  These gadgets are either introduced from other nations, regional market, or were seized or thieved from the people.

PTA had applied a process called DIRBS which would just make a non-compliant device ineffective. It means gadgets will not work on regional systems.

A device or any SIM-run develop is now required to be authorized with PTA’s system. An IMEI variety of a cellphone is 15-digit rule, which should be available in PTA’s data source or a user could sign-up his cellphone with PTA system.

After the first due date, PTA sends information to all unregistered gadgets and ask them to get authorized with DIRBS. This is a phase-wise process that would take a few months to be finished. The telecommunications authority will carry out attention strategies in different places to inform the community.


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