Plastic, glass or sprayed on: Protection options for your smartphone


Plastic, glass or sprayed on: Protection options for your smartphone  Dangers abound with regards to your phone display. However, it’s easy to take precautionary measures, with shielding layers to be had in various substances that every has its own strength.

Your phone’s display may be cracked in a fall or get scratched in your pocket by way of coins, keys or other sharp gadgets.

Repairs may be costly, so it makes feel to take precautionary measures and upload a few extra safety to your tool’s screen.

Three exceptional varieties of protective layer are to be had.

Plastic ones are inconspicuous and could defend in opposition to minor damage. However, they can be hard to apply.

A glass layer is less complicated to use and additionally gives more protection.

“It withstands harder blows, is prime-resistant, and sharp or pointed items leave simplest minor scratches,” says Jannik Degner from the website Smartphonepiloten.De.

According to the producers, a few glass layers obtain 9H at the hardness scale. For evaluation, diamonds top the scale at 10H, whilst some plastic protective layers handiest have a hardness score of 3H.

The 0.33 type of shielding layer is sprayed on. These spray-on display screen protectors consist mainly of silicon oxide, a kind of liquid glass.

Their benefit: “You don’t must reduce the foil and haven’t any troubles with air pockets underneath it,” says Blasius Kawalkowski from the website Inside-Handy.De.

Which choice you cross for depends on the preferred diploma of hardness.

“If you need to be at the safe facet and shield your phone as a good deal as possible from damage, you need to be aware of the degree of hardness of the layer,” says Alexander Emunds from the website Teltarif.De.

Other elements also can play a role. For instance, some protecting layers, consisting of matte ones, can barely obscure the display. On the other hand, fingerprints do not show up as a lot on matte layers. They’re also anti-reflective, that’s useful in daylight.

There are also special layers that provide a replicate or privacy safety. The former is absolutely obvious when the show is activated and turns into a replicate whilst it’s switched off. The latter limits the show’s viewing perspective to approximately 30°.

“This approach that your seat neighbour on the teach does not see the content in the event that they look at your telephone show,” Kawalkowski says.

It’s vital to make certain the show is clean and free of grease before you observe a shielding layer to it.

A microfibre material enables to do away with dirt that can otherwise lead to small bubbles between the display and the protective layer.

“To practice a show layer, you ought to take it slow and have a consistent hand,” Emunds advises.


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