Longman Dictionary of English v2.0.1 APk for android


Longman Dictionary of English is a Guides & Referrals App for android
download last edition of Longman Dictionary of English Apk for android operating system from Free Online World

The new edition of the best-selling Longman Dictionary of Modern English is a complete vocabulary and sentence structure source that will improve your learning of English.
● Assistance for 4.1 to 5.1

The Longman Dictionary of English of Modern English (6th Edition) © 2015
Now with incorporated Grammar, Database, and Collocations Dictionary.
Improve your English with the complete material of the dictionary at your fingertips:

Natural English
● 165,000 corpus-based illustrations of organic English show terms in perspective and how English is really used.

● 230,000 terms, words, and definitions – more than any other learner’s dictionary.
Easy to use – simple to understand
● Explanations published using a vocabulary of just 2,000 terms – the Longman Interpreting Terminology, guaranteeing all definitions are clear and clear and understandable.

Expand your vocabulary
● Regularity information on the most typical terms – the new Longman Interaction 9000 – can help you understand them first.
● Words from the Educational Term List outlined to help you improve your articles and demonstrations.

Write and speak fluently
● An incorporated Collocations Terminology with more than 65,000 collocations: understand word mixtures to use the best terms together, such as ‘take a test’ (not ‘make a test’), ‘heavy rain’ (not ‘strong rain’), and ‘highly successful’.
● The incorporated Database with more than 18,000 alternatives, antonyms, and related terms can help you improve your writing by using more accurate and advanced level words: stop saying ‘nice’, instead, say ‘lovely, wonderful, pleasant, wonderful, brilliant’.
● Sign-up Notices on the variations between verbal and published English help you show yourself precisely.

Improve your grammar
● Avoid making typical errors and get extra help with sentence structure styles and using the best worries.
Improve your pronunciation
● All headwords noticeable in both English and United states English
● All example words noticeable in either English or United states English (via exterior links)

All this makes the Longman Terminology of Modern English the biggest source of English available on any mobile system.

Application Features:
● Full material of paper dictionary
● PLUS additional collocations, alternatives, and word origins
● Guide on how to use the dictionary
● Look for using wildcards and recommended words
● Predictive published text searching can help you with punctuation as you look for words
● Look for for idioms and phrasal verbs
● Look for history to help you find recently explored for words
● Assistance for search from within other suitable applications on your device
● Fully specific color Retina Display images
● Save your favorite words
● Duplicate terms and published text to clipboard
● Word-of-the-Day notifications
● New design and enhanced navigation
● Flexible typeface climbing to back up creatively affected users
● Stored favorites will be modified in a forth-coming release

The greatest learner’s source of the English language for use anywhere, at any time.

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