KeyChord – Piano Chords/Scales v2.66 Apk for android


KeyChord – Piano Chords/Scales is a Guides & Referrals app for android
download last edition of KeyChord – Piano Chords/Scales Apk for android operating system from Free Online World

The 2.0 edition has been presented on the Android Industry and created it to the top promoting list!!

Keychord is the powerful vocabulary / reference app for piano notices and machines. Use it to discover all the machines and chords! Also involved is a 5 octave multi touch piano!

In short:
Easy exclusive key-board to search and perform with all notices and machines. Plenty of chordtypes and scaletypes to select from. Also opposite search and employees perspective.
Included is the 5 octave scrollable multi touch minipiano with 128 different appears to be from Small Violin Pro.

– 50+ ChordTypes
– 100+ ScaleTypes
– Observe Names
– Element Intervals
– Reverse Observe & Range Lookup, such as Limited Chords
– Inversions / Reduced Chords
– Staff View
– Preferred and latest Chordtypes
– Listen to every Observe and Scale
– Complete 5 octave multi touch exclusive piano from Small Violin Pro
– History music as midi and set them as ringtone

In detail:
KeyChord is designed around a exclusive key-board that you can use to communicate with the chosen chord- or scaletype. You can for example tap on a key to ensure it is the main of the chord or you can longpress a particular chordnote to change the chord to that place. Same goes for machines. Tap a already chosen rootnote for different of details ways like note-names or durations.

Everything is powerful, we don’t use a data source to provide you with a few predetermined chord places, but we know how a chord performs and let you select a chord everywhere you want.

To add to the powerful characteristics of this app, we also involved a opposite search, both for notices and machines. Quickly opt for the notices of the chord you are interested in (or have realized on your piano) and let KeyChord tell you how it’s known as. It facilitates even losing notices (Like CMaj7 (no 5th)).

Audio play-back is also allowed in all ways.

As reward the usable piano from Small Violin Pro (128 appears to be and 5 octaves) is roofed.

Ideal partner for a studying fakebook or realbook jazz music piano.

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