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ibis Paint X is a Art & Design Game for android
download last edition of ibis paint X Apk (Full) for android operating system from freeonlineworld

The ibisPaint X is an app based on the idea of social illustrating, it allows you to post enter process so you can discuss the joy of illustrating with everyone.

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– An easy to use app that allows you have fun with showing yourself through sketches.
– Feel the of illustrating, and luxuriate in fast performance.
– Publish video clips of how you attracted your paintings.
– Share the URL of your paintings on Tweets and Facebook or myspace.
– Obtain other people’s paintings.

The ability to record yourself illustrating and to discuss the video is not the only element, ibis Colour X also has a complete package of illustrating functions.

[Brush Functions]
– Sleek illustrating at up to 120 fps.
– 142 kinds of paint brushes such as dip pencils, experienced tip pencils, digital pencils, air paint brushes, fan paint brushes and flat paint brushes.
– Various sweep factors such as starting/ending width, starting/ending opacity, and initial/final sweep position.
– Fast slider that allows quick modification of sweep width and opacity.
– Real-time sweep review.

[Layer Functions]
– As many levels as your device’s storage will allow (depending on the device and fabric size).
– Part ways such as individual layer opacity, leader mixing, including, subtracting, and growing.
– A useful cutting operate for cutting pictures, etc.
– Various layer instructions such as layer replication, transfer from Collection, horizontally inversion, straight inversion, layer spinning, layer shifting, and cruising in/out.
– A operate for establishing layer titles to differentiate different levels.

[Manga feature]
– Structure Divider panel Device important for manga illustrating.
– Advanced written text tool operate presenting Vertical, Horizontal, Action, Typeface choose, and Several written text functions.
– A screen tone operate with 46 shades such as Dot, Disturbance, Horizontal, Vertical, Reduce, Combination, and Rectangle.

[Area Choice Functions]
– 256 qualities of choice for each pixel
– Choice place inversion, shifting, spinning, and cruising in/out.
– Brushes that change based on the choices place, complete operate, layer replication, layer catenation, layer shifting, spinning, and cruising in/out.

[Color Functions]
– Endless shades stored on the scheme, or choose any shades you want from the shade rim using HSB or RGB.
– Move and drop to the shade scheme to save.
– Tap and hold Color Picker.

[Overall Drawing Functions]
– A useful leader tool operate for illustrating numbers, etc.
– Drawing support functions such as picture stabilizing and pressured entry/omission.
– 37 different narrow functions.
– Material tool with over 1,600 designs and shades.
– Spinning fabric operate.
– Background shade (white, shiny clear, dark transparent) establishing operate.
– Undo/redo over 100 steps with the reverse and upgrade functions (stored in free memory).
– Brush, Eraser, Smear, Cloud, Fill, and Color Picker.
*Blur not reinforced on PowerVR SGX 531/535/540 or NVIDIA Tegra 2/3.
*Smudge not reinforced on devices with PowerVR SGX 531/540.
– Sleek zoom capability (70%-4000%).

[Functions for Experiencing Drawings]
– “My Gallery” operate that lets you appreciate your own paintings.
– Replay yourself illustrating (with flexible replay speed).
– Trade replay video clips (MP4) and catches (PNG/JPEG) to Collection with the export operate.
– Development and posting functions.
– Obtain other people’s paintings.
– Enjoy other people’s paintings in “Collection”.
– A operate for discussing still pictures (PNG/JPEG), video clips (MP4), and paintings information (IPV) on Tweets, Facebook or myspace and LINE, etc.


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