Fitbit OS 3.0 brings more third-party app support, including Couch to 5K


Fitbit is upgrading its Ionic and Versa timepieces nowadays with the newest form of Fitbit OS, which contributes assistance for a number of new third-party applications. Fitbit OS 3.0 will also let customers quickly log their drinking habits, sleep, and weight directly from this observe instead of through the mobile app.

Of the new third-party applications, some of the more significant are Sofa to 5K and Achu Wellness. Sofa to 5K is a well-known training course that trainers beginning athletes toward finishing a long-distance competition, and the app can display daily work out objectives on this observe. Achu Wellness actions your body for uncommon heat range rises irrelevant to workout to estimate potential diseases. Other associate applications will appear next year, such as TRX, Gold’s Gym, and Mindbody.

The OS upgrade nowadays will especially miss the Charge 3, significance those customers will have to keep awaiting additional third-party app assistance from well-known manufacturers. Although the company had no news to share on that end, it did mock a forthcoming upgrade for 2019 that will increase its women health monitoring feature to show more information, such as indication styles. While those information points may be useful to some customers, Fitbit’s women health monitoring is still far behind other devoted applications, which offers extensive tools for family planning and the change of life monitoring.


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