DEAD TARGET Zombie Apk + Mod APK (Gold/Crash) for Android


DEAD TARGET Zombie is an action Game for android operating system.

Free Download DEAD TARGET Zombie Apk + Mod (Gold/Crash) from Free Online World.

Dead Focus on situates you in the center of a theoretical Globe War III, where you’re the only heir of a spook strike. You have to get rid of all the immortal that search the globe, trying to discover some indication of life that will help you restore the planet

In 2040, Globe War III occurred, nation frontier modified, contemporary fight innovative to a new era after Reverend of Protection finalized a agreement with CS Organization to carry out venture Deceased Target: convert criminals into extremely wicked fight murderers. However CS tricked and endanger to induce a spook occurrence if obama does not adhere to their order. The age of devastation starts.

The country’s disaster is getting nearer when CS contaminated a whole town to confirm that they are serious. A special commando group was employed to head to the frontline and gather information before the military can start the reverse strike – function Apocalypse. Too bad everything went incorrect, you and broker M are the only heir on the way. There is no reason for ridiculous error which may pay with your blood vessels. There is no way to run from terrible, crack a part through the dead area, save broker M and explain way to encouragement place or you will be a part of your dead bros in hands. Be cautious with the space around, the strolling dead is waiting for a idol. Individual success may experience to big exodus to discover safe area now in your hand.

Dead Target: Living dead is an FPS activity where you can:
– Observe the amazing 3D design with specific textures
– Enjoy the genuine audio impact and music
– Bring beat loss of life to zombies which are pursuing you.
– Be a fantastic to kill zombies in style with impressive tool system
– Improve your equipment to experience the future zombies waves
– Experience 3D capturing time as a spook hunter
– Finish all success and missions to contend with your friends
– Set your sensors to the biggest level to deal with different zombie types

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Apk v4.14.1.1 Mod Apk v4.14.1.1

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Apk v4.14.1.1 Mod Apk v4.14.1.1



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